To start this blog off, I wanted to describe in detail why I am doing this. I am an extremely active, young female with no outstanding concerns who eats a spotless diet according to the USDA recommendations (with the exception of a few glasses of wine). So why would I decide to venture away from a “healthy diet” to explore the effects of a low carb diet? In other words “if it ain’t broke, why am I fixing it?” The biggest motivator I have is curiosity. Even though I have an adequte supply of energy to get me through the day, what if I could tap into even more energy. I am a decently competitive runner, but what if I could increase my body’s ability to rely on lipolysis and increase my efficiency as an endurance athlete. I am tired of simply reading the science behind why or why not low-carb (because either way, their is no simple answer as you will read in my later posts). I want to know first-hand how ketosis feels and its effects personally. My grandmother used to tell me as a child, “figure it out yourself, thats what life’s all about”. In my opinion, there is only so much second-hand research that can be done without getting your hands dirty that can lead to an answer.


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