Over-eating and under moving? Is it really that simple?

With obesity rates creeping yearly, the nation’s health and workforce is in crucial danger. Why has this problem been recognized for decades but not remedied. Could it be laziness, lack of caring, or just misinformation? Most people have been warned of the dangers of a low-carbohydrate diet and it’s extreme restrictiveness. What are the claims behind a low-carbohydrate diet? Why is a low calorie diet not enough? Why do some people seem to struggle with weight while others don’t? And most importantly, what does the research indicate?

Is the problem of obesity caused by over-eating and under-moving? Conventional wisdom tells us yes but the answer is not so simple. I believe the obesity problem is not an issue of fat intake but of glucose overdose. It is no new discovery that adipose tissue is an organ that actively functions and contributes to hormone secretions. Overweight people have excess adipose tissue which secretes insulin at an elevated rate due to insulin resistance. Being overweight is more than just an accumulation of fat but rather it is a growth disorder. It is an excess accumulation or growth of adipose tissue. This tissue alters the way we metabolize fat. Instead of mobilizing fat for fuel, the obese person stores it which only enhances the problem. Not only does this storage of fat increase stress on the cardiovascular system but it is actively contributing to the problem of insulin resistance and over-eating. Insulin is the most important hormone that influences fat cells to store more fat instead of utilize it. This is where a low-glycemic and low carbohydrate diet comes in. The goal of low carbohydrate diet is to minimize the amount of insulin secreted to minimize fat storage. Your body begins to utilize fats and proteins as its main source for fuel.

The bottom line is that an epidemic this fatal and widespread cannot just be ignorantly prescribed a one-size-fits-all diet or prescription. Every individual is different and just because Sam can lose weight by means of exercise only does not mean that Sue will have the same success.


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