Overall Results

I have to say this journey was not at all what I expected it to be. But that is how science goes. You make a hypothesis, do unbiased experimentation, and report the results (regardless of whether or not your findings support your hypothesis). Unfortunately I did not support my hypothesis. With that being said, I am able to say that I have learned so much from my journey about my personal food sensitivities and how my body reacts to the low carb effect.

My Initial hypothesis was: If I adapt to a ketogenic state through low-carb dieting, then my performance as an endurance athlete will improve in terms of faster times.

Perhaps I should have included a more specific goal that included actual time trails. Overall however, my running workouts did not improve drastically enough to prove that ketosis / fueling through fat improves my own running performance. Although my workout times improved slightly over the months, this could have been due to physiological / mitochondrial adaptations from my training alone.

Overall, from a health aspect I began to feel very inflamed. I will enjoy eating leaner and lighter foods again such as high-carb fruits and vegetables while still staying away from low-nutrient carbs such as breads and white starches. I am interested to see how my training will be impacted from the switch off of low carb!


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